About Aaditas

What it is..

Aaditas is a web based Internet service that allows you to create small, quick documentary films with digital images, titles and mp3 music.

The user will be restricted to 70 characters length at the start, but has innumerable amount of chances at his disposal subsequently to build it to a complete film with background score and titles.

Raw media to refined film

Contributions can be done using scripts, pictures/slides and music pieces. As the user will be using information unknown to anybody, it is essential that he be as authentic as possible and not add offensive content to the website [Read Terms and Policy]. Remember, the materialized films are Aaditas property, not your own, though you will be accredited as the "maker".

Strictly limited

Aaditas is a limited service to hobbyists who like to turn their small dream into professional material. Aaditas is also limited in the way it produces video. It is a semi-social, semi-pro video studio. Want to have an account? Apply now!

Use our services honestly!


Concepts & contributions..

The fun really starts when you materialize your concepts by using contributions made by others or usually available through suggestions. You could also make contributions to other people's topics and gain reputation as you go.

This is particularly suited to a novice film maker or a hobbyist who is dependent upon external resources to realize his/her dream or idea.


Aaditas provides stealth to your ideas with the option of locking up your topics and allowing you to grant access to specific people on request.

The contributions are usually hidden to anonymous visitors and non-contributors. They can however get to see the completed films in the video player.

Visit again

This is a place that constantly gets refined for various purposes, so there is generally nothing to lose when you get back for more.. :)

  • Aaditas uses H264 pseudo video streaming technology by <CodeShop>
  • Aaditas uses libraries from the FFmpeg project under the LGPLv2.1
  • Aaditas is optimized for the Mozilla Firefox browser
Enthusiasts, you are welcome to join Aaditas!